Key Facts


A Fresh Start is Canary Wharf’s Premier Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service that has been serving Canary Wharf for over 10 years offering an exemplary Hand Finished Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service.


A Fresh Start’s Pressers work to the highest standard and individually “hand finish” your clothes to your specific requirements for a price that is 30%+ cheaper than our competitors.


A Fresh Start focuses on offering the highest quality finish with meticulous fabric care and discreet and attentive service. Whether your clothes require dry-cleaning, laundering or hand wash treatment, we have the gentlest (and greenest) technologies at our disposal to carefully clean them.


A Fresh Start combines craftsmanship with the most advanced and environmentally friendly techniques in fabric care. Every piece of clothing we receive goes through a rigorous and professional cleaning process starting with an evaluation of the fabric and ending with a final hand inspection. We pride ourselves on Service Excellence, Discretion and Meticulous Care for each customer’s individual requirements.


A Fresh Start believes that our customers deserve good value for money and consequently we have structured our pricing to be 30%+ cheaper than our competitors.